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AVG Home Edition Mobile Payments by Fortumo Now support for Thai and Australia only!
  • Virus protection

  • Anti-Theft

  • Advanced privacy protection

  • Better performance

  • Detecs, blocks, and removes viruses and malware

  • Finds, locks, or wipes your phone if stolen

  • Back up and password protect your apps

  • Monitors battery, storage, and data usage

The same threats that are a problem for PCs – viruses, malware, and identity theft – are also threats to your tablet. AVG AntiVirus PRO for Tablets combats viruses and malware, and also provides loss and theft protection through the ability to track and control your tablet remotely if you should become separated from it. It also allows you to control settings to ensure your tablet is running at optimal performance. It is easy to use and works on all versions of Android OS, v3.2 onwards.

Find and protect your tablet if lost or stolen

Locate your tablet , display an onscreen message to improve its chances of being returned, and keep your personal data safe by locking or wiping it.

You get: Tablet Locator, Tablet Locker, Remote Wipe, Camera Trap, SIM Lock

Keep your most precious, most personal device safe

Email, download music, video, and apps, and surf the web confidently, wherever you are, knowing you’re always kept safe.

You get: App Scanner, File Scanner, Settings Scanner, Safe web surfing, App locker, App Backup

Preserve your privacy

Protect your apps from prying eyes by locking and securing them individually.

You get: App Locker

Backup your apps

Make sure you never lose your valuable apps.

You get: App Backup

Conserve resources and eliminate slowdowns

Optimize battery and storage performance and monitor your data plan usage

You get: Improve Performance, Task Killer, IMPROVED Battery Consumption, Data Usage, Storage Usage

Free support

Our expert help is available no matter the time or place.

You get: Expert help

Get advanced protection, privacy, & performance with AVG AntiVirus PRO

AVG AntiVirus
AVG AntiVirus PRO
Detects & removes viruses, spyware, & malware
Online protection
Scans websites, links, & downloaded apps in real-time
Finds, locks, or wipes your device if lost or stolen
Performance features
Kills tasks and monitors battery, storage, & data usage
Call & Text Message Blocker
Blocks unwanted calls & suspicious text messages
App Backup
Backs up important apps to your SD card
App Locker
Password-protects any or all of your apps or settings
Camera Trap
Emails you a photo of anyone trying to break into your device
SIM Lock
Automatically locks your device if the SIM is replaced
No ads
Advanced protection that’s free of banner ads


Minimum system requirements
Operating System(OS) Android 2.2 or higher
System requirements
Feature Android OS Requirement
App Backup 2.x or higher
Performance tools 2.x or higher
Remote Locate 2.1 or higher
Remote Lock 2.2 or higher
Remote wipe 2.2 or higher
Location service 2.1 or higher

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